Importance of Food Safety Education and Training

All food service employees, not just cooks, should be trained on the proper food safety principles and procedures because the repercussions of a foodborne illness to a food service operation can be disastrous and include:

  • Lawsuits including attorney and court fees in payment to the plaintiff
  • Closure of the operation by the regulatory authority and/or business losses
  • Loss of customers, sales, vendors
  • Loss of reputation and good will
  • Loss of employees
  • Employee morale decrease or absenteeism
  • Increase of insurance premiums
  • Retraining of employees
  • Embarrassment (exposure by the media, internet)


Furthermore, food safety training does not only affect the sales and continued patronage of an establishment, but also public safety. Moreover, about 72% of businesses indicate they would be more likely to hire food safety trained handlers and 50% willing to pay higher wages to those trained.

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Food Safety “Clean” Video

Food Safety “Separate” Video

Food Safety “Cook” Video

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