Federal Contractors Break Federal Wage and Hour Laws

The U.S. government pays hundreds of billions of dollars to federal contractors – corporations that hire workers to do everything from securing nuclear waste to serving food at national parks. But some of the biggest corporations often underpay their workers and put their health and safety at risk.

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on March 6, 2017 released a report detailing repeated violations of labor laws by companies that receive billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded federal contracts. These illegal actions include stealing wages and endangering workers, sometimes resulting in injuries or deaths. Nearly a quarter of the American workforce is employed at a company that holds at least one federal contract.

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“All Americans deserve a safe workplace and fair pay for a day’s work,” Senator Warren said. “But too often, federal contractors break labor laws while continuing to suck down millions in taxpayer dollars. Instead of making it easier for companies to cheat their employees or threaten workers’ health and safety, President Trump and Republicans in Congress should join Democrats in standing up for the hardworking Americans who do important jobs for our country.”

Report: Breach of Contract: How Federal Contractors Fail American Workers on the Taxpayer’s Dime

Source: Senator Elizabeth Warren – Press Release