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New NIOSH Sound Level Meter App

NIOSH has released an iOS based sound level meter app that measures sound levels in the workplace to help workers learn about their noise exposure and reduce the chances of hearing loss.

Deadly Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Yellow Maradol Papayas

Forty-seven people in 12 states have become infected with salmonella believed to be linked to yellow Maradol papayas, CDC Health Officials reported on July...

Food Safety for Group Cooking

Holiday or party food service - where foods are left out for long periods - leaves the door open for uninvited guests - bacteria that cause foodborne illness.

Food Handler ANSI Training $7.00

National leading provider of online food safety training. Become food safety certified today and take the easy 2hr ANSI-accredited food handler training course.

Weddings and Catering Food Safety

Food safety is a great concern for those preparing and serving the meal for wedding guests. Keeping hot foods at the required serving temperatures and cold foods to keep from spoiling can be achieved through the proper use of chafing dishes and food safety techniques.