OSHA Safety Articles

OSHA Safety Articles

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Permit-Required Confined Space Entry

Training is essential for confined spaces and the hazards that may be encountered in them. This training should stress that death to the worker is the likely outcome if proper precautions are not taken before entry is made.

Farmer’s Markets Food Safety Tips

Visiting a local farmer's market today or this weekend? Even though they have their own food safety rules, some items are exempt, so there are also basic guidelines that you should follow to ensure that the farm-fresh food is safe.

Foodborne Illness and Its Economic Costs

Cases of foodborne illness come with heavy economic costs, totaling approximately $51-$77.7 billion each year; which includes medical and hospital bills, lost work productivity, costs of lawsuits, legal fees, and a loss of product sales.

Food Handler ANSI Training $7.00

National leading provider of online food safety training. Become food safety certified today and take the easy 2hr ANSI-accredited food handler training course.

C-Store & UST Certification Training

Convenience Store (C-Store) education and training should begin before any new employee is hired and continue the entire time each person works for you....

New NIOSH Sound Level Meter App

NIOSH has released an iOS based sound level meter app that measures sound levels in the workplace to help workers learn about their noise exposure and reduce the chances of hearing loss.

Heat Stress: Awareness and Protecting Workers

As we transition to warmer temperatures, it’s important to revisit your workplace’s Heat Stress Prevention Program to ensure your employees are equipped to combat...